October 08, 2008

What? Me a Racist?

(In response to a response to a Norman Solomon editorial in the NYT about complacency and the so-called Bradley Effect, where voters claim to be unprejudiced and that they will vote for the obviously better man and then in the voting booth can't bring themselves to vote for a black man.)
Almost every white person these days decries racism, and denies it in themselves. Yet, when a racist remark or comment is made in social or business gatherings, how often is it just allowed to go by? This is not a matter of being politically correct, but of being a good citizen! 
Each time you don't stand up and demand that such racist speech cease immediately, you promote complacency about racism, you encourage a cowardly form of passive racism. So bring up the Bradley effect in every political conversation you have, and insist that anyone who chickens out at the voting booth is not just a sneak racist, but a coward and a very, very bad citizen.
Denying the possibility of voters rejecting Obama because "he isn't like other blacks" may be useful to convince yourself, but it won't convince anyone who is a closet racist.  

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