June 29, 2008

what i learned on summer vacation

From Babylon 5. The technomage Elric, speaking to Sheridan, about magic vs. the creations of God vs. technological miracles.

"It is within that ambiguity that my brothers and I exist. We are the dreamers, the singers, the shapers, and the makers. We know the true secrets, the important things. The fourteen words to make someone fall in love with you forever. The seven words to make them go without pain. How to say goodbye to a friend who is dying. How to be poor. How to be rich. How to re-discover dreams when the world has stolen them from you."

The last four are down, I think. They took only 60 years. Typical that I'd start at the back end.

This was my first blog post to Tribe, November 17, 2005.

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